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Welcome to the Edward T. Rogowsky Internship Program in Government and Public Affairs. This is a truly unique program, and I continue to feel immense excitement at being associated with such a distinguished group of students, faculty and administrators. While anyone who knew him knows that Ed Rogowsky cannot be replaced, it is a very special honor to carry his mantle—to bring “education for the public service” to the students of The City University of New York. It is in that spirit that I view our on-going mission: To make it possible for student interns at all of our participating colleges to experience the importance of acting in the public interest; to help them discover who they are by serving others; and to give them the opportunity to see, first-hand, that “government” is not so far away, that it is right here, and that it can be a vehicle to personal fulfillment in the midst of making things better for our communities.

I hope that this will be one of many visits to our website. Not only will the site allow you to keep track of those public service learning opportunities that are regularly available, such as the Internship & Seminar in Government and Public Affairs each semester, or the New York State Legislative Internship Programs in Albany each spring. Even more, it will enable you to learn about new and exciting initiatives, all intended to bolster your intellectual progress, while preparing you for a complex world outside of the classroom.

Don’t be shy. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then just ask for it!

Anthony J. Maniscalco, Ph.D.

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New York City

New York State

Washington, D.C.

Model Council

Model Senate

Caucus CUNY Scholars Program
Women's Public Service Internship Program

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CUNY Washington, D.C. Internship Program

  • March 8, 2017 (Earlier On-Campus Deadline may apply)



New New York Leaders: Student Intern Program

  • The Department of Civil Service is hosting the Student Intern Program Internship Portal through which interested students must:

    • Submit an application, which includes providing contact information; academic background; occupational, employment and geographic preferences; and activity involvement.
    • Upload a resume. Uploading of a two to three page writing sample illustrating your writing and analytical skills and a letter of recommendation are optional.
    • Identify preferred internships.

    The SPRING 2016 application period runs from October 14, 2015 through December 23, 2015. If you have any questions or would like more information on the New New York Leaders: Student Intern Program, please contact our Student Intern Program Staff at nysinternships@cs.ny.gov or at (518) 473 - 9945.



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